Wednesday, December 4, 2019

New Book Reviews

In my post today, I want to share two reviews on my new book, The Secret to Maximizing Profitability.  I want to thank Matt Hutcheson and Mike Asbury for these reviews!

The Secret to Maximizing Profitability
by Bob Sproull

Written by Bob Sproull, a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Theory of Constraints (TOC) Jonah.  The Secret to Maximizing Profitability is another great business novel on the use of TOC and Lean/Six Sigma in parallel to improve and maximize a company’s profitability. As the author has done in his previous books, such as Epiphanized or Focus and Leverage, he uses real-life business problems to show readers how just implementing Lean, Six Sigma, or both without including the TOC will not fully maximize their company’s profitability. The author also uses continuous improvement tools and methodology in easy to understand common business applications. His use of these concepts are also easily understood and can be communicated to any leadership team. I have personally used some of the author’s tools and methodology to fix everyday issues in my area of business and would greatly recommend this book to anyone interested in or needing to achieve maximum performance/profitability.

Matt Hutcheson, Senior Logistics Admin. – Rheem MFG. Responsible for day-to-day operations for all of Rheem Water Heater Divisions US warehousing, which includes shipping, receiving, replenishment, and inventory. Also assist with Logistics Transportation needs for the Water Heater Division, which includes freight payment, tracking, and any other questions involving transportation.

The Secret to Maximizing Profitability:

A Business Novel on How to Successfully Combine the Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma to Drive Profit Margins to New Levels

In his latest book, The Secret to Maximizing Profitability, Bob Sproull demonstrates how an organization can make dramatic improvements in profitability in a relatively short amount of time with a holistic approach called The Ulitimate Improvement Cycle, which combines Theory of Constraints with Lean & Six Sigma. It is written in story form as a novel about an organization with characters facing many of the same challenges organizations across industries from manufacturing to health care have been diligently working to overcome for decades.
Bob demonstrates his mastery of Lean Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints by addressing some of the core problems with improvement initiatives and provides an insightful sequence of the concepts, methodologies, & tools woven throughout the storyline. The reader will gain an overview of the Six Sigma, Lean & the Theory of Constraints and how to apply some of the core tools of each with additional perspective, and then see how they can be integrated synergistically for coordinated rapid improvements.

Michael Asbury - Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt & Theory of Constraints Jonah | Business Consultant at Elevate Coaching & Consulting. Business consultants helping organizations achieve rapid improvements in profitability with minimal investment while reducing the stress & frustrations through consulting, coaching & training.

Thanks Matt and Mike!