Saturday, April 30, 2011

Focus and Leverage Part 32

In our first 31 blog postings we've tried to give everyone who is following this blog some valuable insights into what we believe is a superior improvement methodology.  When I say we, I am referring to myself (Bob Sproull) and my good friend Bruce Nelson.  Bruce has provided you with a great summary of the Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes.  That is, the Current Reality Tree, the Conflict Resolution Diagram, the Future Reality Tree, and all of the rest.  We both hope all we have provided for you has been helpful and enlightening for some of you.

Bruce and I have decided to join forces and collaborate on a book which we hope will be well received and insightful.  The book is written as a business novel, much like Goldratt's books like The Goal, It's Not Luck, Necessary But Not sufficient and all of his other masterpieces.  We have weaved together many of the tools presented in this blog, but have done so in a business novel format because we believe seeing how the tools are actually used in a business or manufacturing setting will drive home how to use these tools much more easily than a typical lecture type setting such as this blog.  In addition, we have added an Appendix where the soul purpose is to expand on concepts presented in the business novel portion of the book.  We added the Appendix because many times it is frustrating for readers when they don't fully understand a topic in a book to have to leave the book and use a search engine to better understand the concepts being written about in the book.  We hope this appendix approach will reduce the need to do this.

Our book is now completely written and we will be sending it to a publisher very soon for editing.  For those of you who haven't ever written a book before, it is a laborious process that usually takes months to complete.  We have sent the book in draft form out to a few people for a peer review and thus far, without exception, it has been  very well received.  We're hopeful that when all of the reviews are completed, they will all remain positive, but we'll let you all know in advance of the book being published if that remains true.

I want to thank everyone who follows this blog for their patience and understanding since the regularity of this blog has suffered because of our project.  Bruce and I plan to continue writing this blog and will, once again, get back to regular postings in the near future.

Bob Sproull and Bruce Nelson

Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Apology

I want to apologize to all of my followers for not having followed through and posted a new entry.  As I said in my last entry, I have been busy writing a new book and I'm about ready to send it to the publisher for editing.  It is my hope to have that completed within the next two weeks and then get back into regular postings again.  If there are specific subjects you'd like to see addressed, please email me at and I would be happy to address them.

My apologies....