Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year.............

As 2011 winds down and I look back on all that's happened to me personally, I have to say that for me it was a very good year.  I had the opportunity to welcome two new granddaughters into the world, so that by itself would be a wonderful year even if nothing else took place in my life.  I now have five beautiful grandchildren and I love them all so much.

I had the opportunity to collaborate on a new book with one of my best friends, Bruce Nelson.  The new book, Epiphanized, will be published hopefully in January and both Bruce and I are excited about it.  It's my first business novel and I have to say it was much more fun to write than the two previous technical books I was fortunate enough to have published.

In 2011 I made a career change to a great consulting company, NOVACES.  My first two months with NOVACES have been wonderful and although I've worked for other companies, this company truly "gets it."  I have never worked for a company that was more focused on their employees than NOVACES is.  It's one of the best decisions I have ever made.  NOVACES thinks like I do in almost every way and rarely are most people able to say that about their company.  There are so few companies that recognize the power of integrating TOC, Lean and Six Sigma, but NOVACES clearly does.  If your company is struggling, I would encourage you to contact NOVACES for help.  The leadership is simply the best and although I haven't met everyone in the company, the people I have met are a cut above....... This is the company that I want to retire from in the future. 

Finally, my wife and I moved back to our home and friends in Kennesaw, GA and we're so happy to be back.  My wife is a wonderful woman and she supported my decision to take on this new role with NOVACES which gave us the opportunity to return to our home.  She supports everything I do and has been very patient while I sit for hours writing white papers, articles and I want to thank her publically for who and what she means to me.

I want to thank all of my loyal readers and followers for a wonderful year with my blog.  Everyone has been so very supportive.  In closing I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2012.

Bob Sproull

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