Monday, March 5, 2012

A sample of my emails....

Yesterday I thanked everyone for the emails I have been receiving about how people feel about our new book.  Although all of the emails were very positive, I want to share one in particular with everyone.  This email chain really surprised me because the sender, Tom Thieman, a Plant Manager with Ford, said that he liked it better than The Goal by the late Eli Goldratt.  Thanks Tom for your kind remarks.

On 03/05/12 6:32 AM, Tom Thieman wrote:
Bob, have gotten about half way through the book and am enjoying it very much. While I tend to think I have a lot of what's included, there are new tools for me to explore and it is a good way to get refocused on constraint management.

I bought 5 more for my managers and for my boss. Hopefully, the boss likes it enough to let me use company funds to buy more....!!!

Thanks for the fine work, the book is much better than The Goal and I think you are doing the subject proud.

On 03/05/12 10:17 AM, Bob Sproull, Lean Six Sigma Master BB/Jonah wrote:
Hi Tom, so good to hear from you and even better to hear that you like the book. "Better than The Goal" is not something I expected to hear, but for sure I'll take it. :) If I can answer any questions as you read, please feel free to reach out to me. And by the way, Bruce and I didn't get a pre-printing review of the book, so please forgive all of the mistakes you see. The publisher has agreed to correct them before the next printing. Thanks again Tom and if you have time, write a review if you could. I assume you picked up the book from Amazon?

Best regards,

Tom Thieman has sent you a message.
Date: 3/05/2012
Subject: RE: Epiphanized:
I did pick up the copies from Amazon -- and have noticed a couple of errors. I do like the salesman Benji Teamon's (my last name pronounced phonetically!) name!!

Better than The Goal, absolutely. More usefull tool usage in the text, and the appendix is right there to help you more specifically. When I've finished, I will certainly write a review -- you mean posted on Amazon correct?

Thanks again all who have written such positive comments on Bruce and my book!
Bob Sproull

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