Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Review of Epiphanized

Here is another review of Bruce and my book Epiphanized and although it is our first one that didn't rise to the level of a 5 Star like all of the rest did, the author still recommends our book to other readers.  From Bruce and I, thank you so much for taking the time to write this review.

Bob and Bruce

4.0 out of 5 stars Epiphanized it's easy to read and has a good story behind the main message - The application of TOC mainly, with Lean and 6Sigma, December 10, 2012

Luis Cristovao (Azeitão, Setubal Portugal) - See all my reviews

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Epiphanized is a business novel format, in the tradition of Goldratt and other TOC authors. It has a good story rich of characters and companies, and has so many people involved that the authors "forgot" some of the characters like "The Quality Director" in the middle of the story.

The format is simple and straight and goes right away to the point considering TOC as the main drive to improvement. This is correct to me but is so direct that sometimes it seems unreal, because people resist more to change than what the novel show us.

With TOC, comes in Lean and 6Sigma but with somehow less detail, and I can understand this because otherwise the book would become very tedious and difficult to read.
The main points are there with this simplifications in mind and so it's very pleasant to follow the story.

In terms of TOC the final chapters with the CCPM explanation to me were the best part of the book cause it goes to implementation details.

In the end the appendixes on TOC, Lean and 6Sigma(TLS) are unusual in this type of novel format but are very well welcome and add value to the book.  So for the beginner of TLS and for the "not so beginner" (and maybe for the expert) I would recomend this book.

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