Sunday, November 10, 2013

Focus and Leverage Part 276

One of the measures I use to determine whether or not my readers are happy with what I post here on my blog is the number of page views that occurred in a month.  In October, this metric rose to over 12,000 and I want to thank everyone for their interest in what I write.  I also track which posting was viewed the most and for October, it was posting Focus and Leverage part 227 which was a series of overheads on how I present constraints management (TOC) to individuals and improvement teams who are not familiar with this approach to improvement.

The top 5 most viewed postings along with the posting number, the subject of the posting, along with a link to each posting for those who want to check them out:


Teaching TOC
Conflict Resolution Diagrams 
Cost Acct. vs. TP Acct. 
Focus and Leverage Part 192 Categories of Leg. Reservation
Integrating L SS & TOC

I have really enjoyed writing this blog and as long as there is interest in it, I will continue to do so.  I might add that if there is a subject of interest that you would like me to write about, either post a comment on my blog or send me a direct email at and I will do my best to do so.  I would only ask that the request stay within the intent of my blog.  That is, the request is directly related to TOC, Lean, Six Sigma or the integration of these 3 improvement methodologies.

Again, thanks to all of my readers for supporting my blog and I hope the links take you to the correct postings.

Bob Sproull

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