Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Ultimate Improvement Cycle

I've gotten quite a few emails in the past several weeks asking why I've not written any new blog posts.  Today I want to share with you what's been keeping me busy and away from my blog.  As I’ve mentioned previously, Bruce Nelson and I have been working on the second edition of Epiphanized as well as the sequel.  We've submitted all of our materials, so I will have more time to write blog posts.

The other reason is that a wonderful company who produces business management software (i.e. ERP software) has hired me to help educate their customers and the industry on how to become more profitable.  I author a weekly educational post for them on the “Manufacturing Breakthrough Blog” and have been doing so since December.  Last year this company also hosted me so I could teach a classroom-based continuous improvement boot camp for their customers.  In late May and early June, this same company will sponsor me in Australia to hold four one-day workshops on continuous improvement.  I have just finished writing a whitepaper with this company on continuous improvement and I want to share a link to their website so you can download it.  You'll also be able to read my posts on the Manufacturing Breakthrough blog.

This company, ECi Software Solutions, is unlike any company I have ever been associated with.  While many companies care about their customers, ECi takes it a step further and revinvests their own money to help the customers they serve improve profitability.  ECi provides M1, an ERP specifically for growing manufacturers. If you are a manufacturer who needs to improve your on-time delivery and profits, I know they can help you.  I'll be writing more about them in the future, but until then, here's the link to download the whitepaper:

WHITEPAPER: The Ultimate Improvement Cycle

Bob Sproull

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