Thursday, October 25, 2012

A very nice email.....

Normally I wait until someone has placed an official review of Epiphanized and then post it, but I wanted to share an email I received this week from Vinny Monteiro.  He had just finished reading Bruce and my book and had to tell me about it.  Thanks Vinny.

Hello Bob!
I just came back from vacation and I was able to read your book on the plane ride! I must say it's simply awesome! the amount of information is mind boggling!
I identified with Joe because I thought too that I knew TOC pretty well, but the TOC thinking process, it was very new and powerful in my point of view. The IO Map, Interference diagram, all of them were great. I need to go back and get my notebook and write down everything, because it was a lot to take in for sure. I feel like I can use your book as a "TOC implementation guide" when going to a new company.
really enjoyed how you showed more than once how to get someone familiar with TOC and get them to be on your team.
I am now reading the Appendices, but just wanted to say that I love your book, and will recommend it to others!

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