Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Focus and Leverage Part 203

In this posting we will begin the actual construction of our Future Reality Tree and as I explained in the last several postings, we are going to take our time so that folks new to the TOC Thinking Processes can see the step-by-step process for building our FRT.

When you are building the FRT start at the bottom with the injection you are testing and build the tree upwards.  Remember: what we are trying to figure out is if the proposed injection becomes part of the reality will you achieve the desired effect you hope to achieve?

Let’s begin our construction of the FRT.  Use the selected injection from the CRD place it at the bottom and build upwards.  Remember: injections are in squared cornered boxes versus round cornered boxes.  This is strictly a symbolism to separate the two entities.  Ask the question “if the injection, then what?”  What would happen if the injection existed?  Write the injection in the present tense as if they already existed.  Using the CLR’s you can look for any additional cause(s) required, such as, a current desired effect, or an entity that would be needed to support the outcome of the desired effect.
We can keep building the FRT up from this point looking for additional desired effects that will happen with this injection.  Is this injection sufficient to cause anything else?  Are there any additional cause(s) to support the next entity?


At this point several desired effects are starting to fall into place – good things could/will happen if all of these entities happen.  However, we still haven’t identified a negative branch for those entities that we don’t want to happen.  Let’s look at the tree and see if a negative branch does exist.  In this tree for learning purposes we will identify the Negative Effects as “NE”.  This will help you distinguish which entities are negative effects when building the tree.  In our next posting we will look into the negative effects and continue building our Future Reality Tree.

Bob Sproull



Erik M. said...

Hello Bob,
I keep noticing on many of your posts those comments offering to visit their website... I guess you are seeing them too?

Bob Sproull said...

Hi Erik. Yes, I notice them and try to delete the ones that I think might contain harmful links. Some of them have been links to porno sites.