Monday, May 12, 2014

Focus and Leverage Part 348

In the past couple of weeks, I have received numerous emails about our sequel to Epiphanized.  People are wanting to know what we're writing about in terms of the subject matter and what industries we're writing about.  I did issue and update the week before last, but apparently that didn't satisfy some of my readers, so let me try this again.

Bruce Nelson and I are writing about two completely different industry segments, but we're using many of the same tools and approaches for each one.  Bruce is writing about a commercial aircraft company who specializes in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of the aircraft.  From what I've read so far from Bruce, I think everyone will enjoy the dialogue and the content matter.  I am focusing on the Healthcare industry and more specifically how using Constraints Management ( integrated with Lean and Six Sigma) can dramatically improve the flow of patients through various parts of hospitals.  I think healthcare workers will be particularly interested in what I've written.

One of the central themes that both Bruce and I are writing about is how leadership can "make or break" organizational improvement efforts.  We also are emphasizing how choosing the wrong performance metrics can negatively impact the flow of aircraft or patients through processes and systems.  We haven't decided yet if we will be including an appendix in this sequel, but that decision will be forthcoming.  Based upon numerous comments that Bruce and I received, the appendix in Epiphanized was quite popular, so we may decide to include it in our sequel, or maybe some case studies or maybe even a combination of the two.

I hope this brief summary satisfies the curiosity of those who have written to Bruce and I and we will keep you updated as we progress.  So far we have completed roughly 16 chapters with our target being 25 chapters, so we're moving right along.

Bob Sproull

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