Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Demand Driven Conference Announcement!!!!

To all of my blog readers, you will recall that I ran a series of postings on Demand Driven Performance focusing on the contents of two books written by Chad Smith, Debra Smith and Carol Ptak.  The postings were from Focus and Leverage Parts 381 to 388.  The book titles were Orlicky's Material Requirements Planning 3rd Edition by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith and Demand Driven Performance Using Smart Metrics by Debra and Chad Smith.  The number of page views on this series of posts set new single day and monthly page views records indicating there was a lot of interest in what was written.  I have some fantastic news for everyone!  These same authors have put together a conference set for March 2015 and I encourage everyone to attend to learn first-hand from these experts.  And the good news is, they have set up a special promo code for my readers that further discounts the early bird registration.  The promo code is BOBSBLOG so if you plan to attend, make sure you sign up by December 31st to get your extra discount.  Here is a link to the conference registration: 


Our experts are excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2015 Demand Driven World Conference in Houston, Texas.  The event features six Case Studies from industry leading companies using demand driven principles in automotive, apparel, biotechnology, electronics and more.  World class keynote speakers on Supply Chain, Dr. Steven Melnyk of Michigan State University and Lora Cecere from Supply Chain Insights will start each day off with a bang.  Additionally, the event features exciting Pre-Conference activities including a multi-site tour of Forge USA, a Houston based company using demand driven planning, scheduling and execution.  Early bird registration is open now through December 31st and offers a big discount!  For more information go to the conference home page accessible through the above link.

Here is another link about their 2014 Demand Driven World Conference held this last Spring which has lots of reviews and downloads. As you will see, it was a very exciting event for all who attended.  The 2014 Demand Driven World Conference was packed with cutting edge content and amazing stories by companies of all sizes and a wide array of industries.

I am both honored and excited to be able to announce this conference because as I've written about in past blogs, I truly believe what they have to offer is clearly a game changer for companies.  Go to the conference home page to see all of the many activities that will occur at this conference and make sure you use the promo code BOBSBLOG to get your discount.  I hope to see as many of you as possible in Houston in March.  I will be writing more about this conference as time passes, so stay tuned.

Bob Sproull

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