Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Special Announcement

A friend of mine, Clarke Ching, has just published a book entitled Rolling Rocks Downhill.  It's Clarke's business novel about accelerating Agile projects using TOC.  Rolling Rocks Downhill happens in a world where  Agile doesn't yet exist.  The hero discovers Agile's first principles, from scratch, by learning how TOC and Lean have been applied to a commercial kitchen.  He learns about small batches and bottlenecks. His inspiration comes from TOC's retail solution and his solution is inspired by a practice used by journalists.   

Amazon.com:  http://amzn.to/1vdkhiC

I've got special 80%-off "launch" pricing on them at the moment, but if folks would rather take a "try before you buy" approach then they can pop over to my website (rolls.rocks), sign up for the newsletter, and then on January 1st, I'll send the first half, as a pdf, for free.  No harm in saving a couple of dollars.

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