Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Book Reccomendation........

A couple of posts ago I told you about a new book by a friend of mine, Clarke Ching, entitled Rolling Rocks Downhill.  I explained that it's Clarke's business novel about accelerating Agile projects using TOC.  I also told you that Rolling Rocks Downhill happens in a world where  Agile doesn't yet exist.  The hero discovers Agile's first principles, from scratch, by learning how TOC and Lean have been applied to a commercial kitchen.  He learns about small batches and bottlenecks. His inspiration comes from TOC's retail solution and his solution is inspired by a practice used by journalists.
I just finished reading Clarke's new book and I have to tell you that I really enjoyed it.  I was expecting another book on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), but to my surprise, it was more about combining the Theory of Constraints (TOC) with Lean and Agile.  At any rate, I'm using this post to recommend the book to all of my readers, but especially to those readers who are engaged in the business of software development.  Clarke will give you a different way of bringing your projects home faster and with better quality.  So here's Clarke's purchasing details.  I just want to finish by telling Clarke publically what a wonderful job he did with this book!

Here's a  note from Clarke:

I've got special 80%-off "launch" pricing on them at the moment, but if folks would rather take a "try before you buy" approach then they can pop over to my website (, sign up for the newsletter, and then on January 1st, I'll send the first half, as a pdf, for free.  No harm in saving a couple of dollars.

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Bob Sproull

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Jay Bakst said...

I too have read Clarke's book and found it very practical and pragmatic within the environment of an easy to read business novel.