Sunday, May 24, 2015

Correction on my Australian Speaking Engagements

In my last posting I laid out where I will be speaking and hosting Manufacturing Breakthrough Workshops in Australia, but  unfortunately I gave out some incorrect information.  The Novotel is where I will be staying  for my two workshops near Melbourne, but the Melbourne workshop will actually be happening at the Dingley International Hotel in Dingley Village.  It was chosen for its close proximity to the biggest cluster of manufacturers in the Greater Melbourne area.  June 1 is for M1 customers only, but June 2 is open to all manufacturers.  Here is a link to a flyer if you are interested in attending this June 2 event.  It has the contact number of one of our M1 staff that can screen their enquiries for both the workshops in Melbourne and Sydney:
In order to attend either the June 2nd workshop in Melbourne or the June 4th workshop in Sydney, you must be an Australian or New Zealand manufacturer.
If you want to see my presentation at National Manufacturing Week, click on this link for details:
Sorry for the confusion,
Bob Sproull

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