Thursday, June 11, 2015

Epiphanized - 2nd Edition is Now Available

Since returning home from Australia, my new publisher has sent me my free copies of Epiphanized - 2nd Edition.  All I can say is WOW!!!  This second edition is so much better than the first edition in so many ways.  Bruce and I made some significant changes to this book, but especially in the Appendices.  In fact Bruce included a new appendix on System Thinking.  In addition, our new publisher added an index where readers can find key topics within both the novel portion of the book and in the appendices.  This means that if the reader is interested in reading more on a specific subject, they can just go to the Index and find those pages where it's discussed.

Hind sight is always 20x20 but I should have known that our new publisher, CRC Press, would do a superb job since they were my publisher for my first two books.  Even the paper used to print the book is superior to the first edition's.  I wish I had a PDF copy to send to everyone, but unfortunately I do not.  My thanks to Taylor and Francis for doing such a superb job on this 2nd edition.  Visit the Taylor and Francis Web site at and the CRC Press Website at to read more.

Bob Sproull

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