Saturday, September 22, 2012

A response worth sharing.........

This morning I received a response about Bruce and my new book Epiphanized that I just had to share with you.  This type of response is the real reason Bruce and I wrote this book in the first place… get the message out to help people and Connie’s response tells us that it did.  Bruce and I are grateful to people like Connie who are compelled to share their feelings about something new that they read and learned.  Here is the dialogue I had with Connie this morning.
Date: 9/22/2012

Subject: RE:RE:Our new book is finally ready as an ebook!!

Hi Bob,

I just finished Chapter 5 and I want you to know the book has moved me to tears...that's a good thing! I now know how to better articulate the constraints we face inside the technical training department to senior management. Although ours' is a transactional-based value stream, the premise is the same: inputs-process-outputs. In a nutshell: Constraints based on curriculum (input) adversely impact our ability to effectively train (process) our maintenance technicians to ensure they remain current in their knowledge & skills (output).

Ever heard of scenario based training? Your book is the epitome of it! The story you weave, in concert with tool application works extremely well for have "made the complex simple."

Awesome. Just...awesome. I now have hope :) Back to the book, I must!

Connie Moore,
United Arab Emirates, Airlines/Aviation

I then asked Connie if she would permit me to post her comments on my blog and here was her reply.

Subject: RE:RE:RE:Our new book is finally ready as an ebook!!

Absolutely, Bob. I've already posted a version of it on LI & FB. Tweeted about it, too. Reviewed it in Apple iBook but not sure it "took." iPads can be fickle...

Got to get the message out! I'm still tearing up, this book, its message and tools have enabled me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Suggest that you adapt this book for a transactional scenario ;)


Thank you Connie for your kind words and enthusiastic support of our book!

Bob Sproull

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