Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One more airline fiasco......

Several posts back I told you about a problem I had with Delta Airlines and then one of my readers told us of his flight problems with Delta.  Delta isn't the only airline that has a problem with satisfying passengers as is related by Jim Obrien with US Airways in an email sent to me yesterday.  As you will see, clearly the airlines aren't focused on the customer!  I want to thank Jim for sharing his latest experience in flying.

Bob Sproull


Amusing follow up to our earlier emails on Delta. 

Unknown to me, last night the US Airways flight to MOB had to divert (again due to fog just like the earlier Delta flight). As this is the origin of the flight, my 'crack of dawn' flight was canceled...last night. As usual, I awake at 3:45 am, check emails texts and phone calls for delay/cancellation notices...none. Arrive at airport. Check monitors for delays/notifications...none. Go to gate. Overheard others discussing cancellation. I go back through security, again checking the monitors. Get to ticket counter. "Yes, we canceled the flight last night. I'm sorry I do not know why you weren't notified." The earliest flight I could get was 7:00pm tonight from any one of the 3 nearest airports. 

Fine, so I arranged my day and work week. I went home and checked my USAirways account to be certain the contact information was there. In fact it was. 

When traveling as much as this, a person gets to see many variations of customer service. Without a doubt in my mind, the airlines are the worst in customer service among non-governmental organizations. The fact that things go wrong is to be expected. To me the organizations I feel the most loyal to are the ones who get customer service right when things go wrong. 

Jim O'Brien

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