Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another milestone for my blog........

In January I posted that the number of page views on my blog had gone over 25,000 and in February I reported that, even with February being a short month, the number of page views had surpassed 40,000.  And in March, as of this morning the number of page views has exceeded 60,000!  This is significant because there are 11 1/2 days left in the month.  I want to thank everyone for showing an interest in my blog!  I never dreamed that my blog would ever attract so much attention and I am humbled by the results.  Again, thank you to everyone who has supported it.

Here is a graphic of what the trend looks like.  As of 3 minutes ago, the month-to-day total is 60,060!

Graph of Blogger page views

Bob Sproull

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