Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top 10 Postings

The other day someone asked me what people are looking at when they log into my Focus and Leverage Blog.  I looked at the data and put together a Pareto Chart and decided to share it with everyone.

As can be seen, Focus and Leverage part 227 is clearly the most viewed posting of all with 43,120 page views.  The subject of this posting is how I demonstrate the Theory of Constraints to people who have little, if any, knowledge of it.  The second most viewed posting is part 214, at 22,756 views with its subject being the Intermediate Objectives Map.  The third most viewed posting was part 187 which was a healthcare project on lost billing revenue and the fourth most viewed post was part 40 which was all about the TOC parts replenishment model.  As can be seen, these were clearly, by far and away, the top 4 viewed posts.

Bob Sproull

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