Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another amazing milestone!!!!!

The month of October was another record month for my blog.  While the month of August and September were both above a total of 230,000+ page views, October destroyed this number coming it at 334,000!  I want to thank everyone for making my blog so successful and for giving me so much pride in what I’m trying to do with my blog!  My sole purpose is to share improvement tools, techniques and new thoughts with people and organizations from all industry types.  I am simply humbled by what's happened in the past year with my blog, so thank you to everyone!
The graph below is a historical look at the number of page views since I started my blog in 2010 (not in 2006 as the graphic shows) and as you can see in the past year + the meteoric climb in page views.  It's still hard for me to believe that people seem to enjoy was I have written.

So one more time, THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY READERS!!!!!
Bob Sproull

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