Thursday, November 20, 2014

E-Books on the Theory of Constraints

Today I want to share some links to e-books published by Rajeev Athavale.  He has published a collection of articles authored by respected and well-known TOC Experts from all over the world.  They are ideal for the TOC enthusiast, whether new to TOC or an expert in TOC practice.  The authors list (in alphabetical order) is as follows:

Adail Retamal, Alejandro Cespedes, Bill Dettmer, Daniel Walsh, David Burch, Dr. Alan Barnard, Dr. James R. Holt, E. R. “Tuck” McConnell, Eli Schragenheim, Etienne Du Plooy, Frank Patrick, Gary Bartlett, Henrik Martensson, Henry Camp, Jake Dell, Jerry Hahn, Joseph Pangilinan, Justin Roff-Marsh, Kevin Fox, Kevin Kohls, Martin Powell, Oded Cohen, Orion Avidan, Ravi Gilani, Robert Newbold, Rudolf Burkhard, Stefan Van Aalst, Ted Hutchin, Tony Rizzo.

These articles have been divided in two volumes, each volume containing 40 articles.  We’ve all found seams and traces of TOC gold scattered all over the web – echoes and extensions of the magnificently simple and profound concept so well-articulated and conveyed by Eli Goldratt.  “Echoes of TOC” gathers some of the best of these echoes together into a single easily accessible resource that you can refer to when you want to be reminded of an insight or to browse occasionally to refresh and extend your own mastery. It will also help to grow your clients’ insights into TOC, making it easier for you to help them capitalize on those insights even further.

Check the following urls for acquiring these eBooks:

1. Echoes of Theory of Constraints (TOC) Volume 1:

2. Echoes of Theory of Constraints (TOC) Volume 2:

Bob Sproull

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